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We're a Social Media Marketing Company Specializing in the Deathcare Profession

Here's How We Can Increase Your Revenue

Your profit margins are shrinking due to cremation and you're losing market share to competitors. What Now? Hire DISRUPT Media. Our qualified team of funeral home marketing specialists will be a dependable part of your staff. Start driving new customers using our proven social media strategies today.

Increase Social Media Feedback + Referrals

Online feedback is a huge driver of new customers in an industry built on trust. Our funeral home marketing services will help you increase public reviews on Facebook and Google to drive more calls to your business over competitors.

Communicate Value on Facebook

Communicate your personal values to customers online and reinforce the importance of services and presentation for families choosing cremation or burial. Educating new customers before they need your services will save you time and energy later on.

Optimize for Maximum ROI

You can't track how many people see a newspaper ad, but you can track every interaction on Facebook. We continuously analyze your social media stats and optimize for increased interactions, reach, calls, and return on investment.

A Custom Strategy to Increase Market Share

We'll create a custom social media strategy for your funeral home by analyzing your community, competition, and customers. Our strategy is designed to be comfortable and understandable for you while being effective at increasing your revenue and market share.

Funeral Homes We've Helped

Check out some of the funeral homes we've helped increase revenue using social media marketing.

Cruz Family Funeral Home

“I've had more results from social media than I have from newspapers and local channels!” - Brandon Cruz, Cruz Family Funeral Home

Posey Funeral Directors

Posey Funeral Directors Logo

“The most important thing I can do as a director in my community is to really connect with my consumer, who is my general public in my town, so DISRUPT Media helped me drastically improve the way I connect to people in real life in real time, so thanks so much for all you do.” - Walker Posey, Posey Funeral Directors

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